Can students log in to Lt without an access code? - Grace Periods

After accepting their Lt invitation, in most cases yes, a student can log in to Lt thanks to a 21 day grace period.

A ‘grace period’ is defined as a 21 day period of Lt access granted to students upon their first Lt login. The grace period allows a student to use Lt for 21 days before they are required to enter an Lt access code

Note: If student access to Lt is not via access code, i.e. your institution pays for access for students, there is no grace period. 

The grace period starts when the student has accepted their Lt course invite, logs on to Lt and selects ‘Enter Code Later’ when prompted for their Lt access code.

The maximum grace period available is 21 days. A student can enter an access code anytime within this 21 day period.

The grace period is for student users of Lt only and applies to any student who has not yet entered an Lt access code. This is to ensure students can access course content if they’ve not yet obtained a scratch card or access code. Such as in the case where a student plans to change their schedule or drop a course, as ADInstruments won’t refund used codes.

The remaining time of a grace period is displayed to students within their course dashboard in Lt and if they select ‘Enter Access Code Now’ from the dashboard, as seen below.

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support here. When doing so, please provide as much of the following:

  • The name of your institution
  • The name of the course(s)
  • The email and name (with consent) of those affected
  • A brief description of what you were trying to achieve and what instead happened.