Settings for Sampling Panels in Lt - ECG Event Averaging

This settings file is available for the Scope Sampling panel. It is used for ECG detection and will average every four ECG complexes. This is useful if you have a noisy signal, for example, or if you wish to measure P, Q, R, S, and T waves. To use this file you will need a Bio Amp connected to Input 3 of your PowerLab.

Attaching ECG electrodes

    1. Remove any watch and/or jewelry from the volunteer's wrists and ankles.
    2. Use a pen to mark small crosses on the volunteer's skin where electrodes will be placed (i.e. both wrists and the right leg).
    3. Lightly abrade the skin with abrasive gel, then clean the area with alcohol swabs. 
    4. Snap disposable electrodes onto the three electrode lead wires. (To avoid discomfort for the volunteer, it is best to first attach the electrode lead wires to the disposable electrodes before applying the disposable electrodes to prepared areas on the volunteer's skin.)
    5. Attach the electrodes to the prepared areas on the volunteer's skin:
      • The positive electrode to the left wrist
      • The negative electrode to the right wrist
      • The ground electrode to the right leg.
    6. Make sure the PowerLab is connected and turned on.
    7. Connect the electrode lead wires to Earth, CH1 NEG, and CH1 POS on the Bio Amp cable.
    8. Connect the Bio Amp cable to the Bio Amp input on the PowerLab. (If you are using a Bio Amp front-end, connect the front-end to Input 3 on your PowerLab.)