Audio Output 2.2

4.90MB • Released 

System Requirements

Audio Output v2.2 is compatible with LabChart v7.1.2 - v.7.3.8.

Release Notes

New Features

Scripting Support

Scripting support has been added to this release of Audio Output.

Automatic Gain is used to normalize and amplify the output audio. Automatic Gain normalizes samples in the selection that are above the noise level threshold (1 % of channel range) and scales the output to a volume that can be played.

You can choose either scaling level:

  1. Low (can reduce sudden loud clicks and pops during playback but softer sounds in the recording might still not be audible).
  2. High (amplifies softer sounds more, but can also cause more sudden loud clicks and pops.

Changes Since Previous Version

Audio Playback

  • The accuracy of the progress bar shown while playing audio has been improved.
  • Audio Output v2.2 has improved reliability when triggering with play while sampling enabled.
  • Audio Output now supports a fixed range of playback speeds, rather than depending on the capabilities of the installed sound card. Files saved with Audio Output v2.1 with slower that supported playback speeds (e.g. /64) are automatically converted to the current limit (e.g. /8).

Demo File

The Sample Music demo file has been updated with a new music clip and has Automatic Gain turned on.

Mute Button

The mute button is now dynamically hidden/shown on the LabChart toolbar.


  • Audio Output v2.2 now supports a maximum LabChart sampling rate of 100kHz
  • The playback speed slider is now disabled while sampling