BioHarness 1.2.1

1.80MB • Released 

System Requirements

BioHarness v1.2.1 is compatible with LabChart v7.3.1 - v7.3.8.

Release Notes

Known Issues


BioHarness devices using firmware prior to 2.0.x.16 have been found to run up to 5% slower than their advertised rate. This most strongly affects the ECG data, which picks up a visible delay for long sampling periods.The fix is to install a firmware upgrade on the BioHarness device. This can be arranged through the customer's ADInstruments representative.

The firmware update reduces the delay by about an order of magnitude. We found the remaining delay to depend on the battery level and recommend that data should not be recorded below 3.8V (monitor input 10 of the BioHarness).

Start Date Incorrect After Rebooting BioHarness

A known issue exists where the BioHarness device uses an incorrect start date of 1/1/2000 for new recordings in Logging mode after rebooting the unit. The start and end times are not affected.

The customer work around for this issue is:After rebooting the unit, leave the Bioharness device in the cradle, reopen the Bioharness Cradle dialog in LabChart and close it again. This resets the date in the BioHarness device to the correct date from the computer. This issue will be fixed in a future version.

Changes Since Previous Version

Configuration Information

Additional version information can now be obtained from the Help | Configuration... dialog under the BioHarness tab. In particular, the Boot Software Version and Application Software Version numbers are shown. This does not apply to the BioHarness receiver.

Logging Mode

Previously when recording in Logging Mode, the BioHarness could get into a state where its internal file system was corrupted if it turned itself off due to low battery state. The only recovery option was to perform Erase All... and rerecord the session. LabChart now displays a warning message to indicate that files may be imported but then an Erase All... must be done before further recording.

Channel Information

Sample rate information has been added to the window displayed when you click and hold on a channel.

LabChart Startup

If LabChart is started while the BioHarness device is turned on (transmitting) there is now a warning icon in the Device Scan dialog, which indicates that the transmitter should be turned off. Rescanning should then find the BioHarness device correctly.


It is now possible to select more than one BioHarness device in the same document (using the Devices and Channels Dialog to choose an appropriate combination of inputs from each device up to a maximum of 32). However, ADInstruments does not recommend or support the use of more than one BioHarness device simultaneously in RF mode.