Equivital Device Enabler

Equivital Device Enabler 1.1.1 Windows

Download Equivital Device Enabler v1.1.1 Windows
1.30MB, Released 19 Dec 2019

Notes for this release

  • The xPod SpO2 Ancillary device is now supported in Online sampling mode.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Ancillary devices (in particular the Nonin SpO2) turning off and on during sampling may cause LabChart to drop connection to the SEM fatally.
  • The Skin Temperature Patch’s default reading is around 35 degrees C when there is no data sampling into LabChart.
  • Taking the SEM out of range or powering it off during sampling will put LabChart in a SEM rediscovery mode. Whilst in this mode it will look like sampling is hanging (the ‘Start’ button will be showing ‘Stop’ but no data will be sampling into Chart View). 
  • After 40 seconds to 1 minute it will try and rediscover the SEM until the SEM is either brought back in range, turned on or sampling is stopped.
  • This state can also be caused if the SEM is turned off or taken out range before the user starts sampling then LabChart will hang when pressing ‘Start’ sampling. 
  • There is a minor drawing issue where samples at the start of a record sometimes aren’t drawn in, refreshing the display with the ‘scale/autoscale’ button will correct this.
  • The SEM selection dialog that appears during a device scan of LabChart will sometimes be sent to the back (appear behind another window) if the user clicks away from the LabChart device scan screen during the lengthy search for Equivital devices. 
  • LabChart will not find a SEM for selection that has already been discovered into a session.
  • LabChart won’t connect to SEMs whilst the ‘EDN Node Service’ is running, a service that is run for versions of EQ Manager other than the ADI version and also other Equivital Software Products. To avoid this issue ensure only the version of Equivital Manager downloaded from ADInstruments’ website is installed.
  • Ancillaries are not enabled by default (factory settings). If required, it must be enabled via Equivital Manager.