Kent Device Enabler 1.0.2

1.10MB • Released 

System Requirements

Kent v1.0.2 requires LabChart v7.3.5 - v7.3.8.

Release Notes

Known Issues

Swapping ventilated and non-ventilated Kent Devices

If you have two Kent devices connected (one ventilated and one non-ventilated), swapping the devices using the Devices and Channel dialog can cause channel mapping issues. The work around for this is to Clear all devices in the Devices and Channels dialog and then map the devices in the desired order.

Outdated Kent Firmware Not Supported

Earlier models of the Kent Scientific devices can have versions of firmware and serial numbers that will not be recognised by LabChart. Users must contact Kent Scientific for firmware updates. Note the device's serial number and firmware version as displayed on the device's screen at start-up.

Changes Since Previous Version

There have been changes to the following areas:

  • The Kent Device firmware version number is now displayed in the configuration dialog under the Kent Devices tab.
  • CODA Monitor devices are now always found by LabChart.