LabChart Lightning

LabChart Lightning 1.2.571 Windows

Download LabChart Lightning v1.2.571 Windows
87.60MB, Released 29 Sep 2020

Notes for this release

Calling all innovators!

We are opening our Lightning Early Adopters Group to new members! Joining the Early Adopters group allows you early access to new features prior to public release, and gives you the opportunity to impact future Lightning development!
Apply to join the Early Adopters Group here!

New Features

  • The Overview bar now shows only the first 4 channels of Chart View data. This gives the data more space so that it is easier to pick out areas of interest. Any data can be added to the Overview bar by dragging it into one of the first four channels. LabChart Lightning Overview bar

Device Plugin Development Support

  • LabChart Lightning now supports sampling from MentaLab Explore devices through the use of our device plugin framework.
  • It is now possible for authors to create custom error messages for third-party devices. LabChart Lightning third party error messages
  • The LabChart Lightning Devices SDK now supports multi-file device scripts, using a folder for each device plug-in.
  • For more more information on these third-party device changes, please visit the LightningDeviceSDK:


  • This release includes performance improvements to the following areas:
    • Using recordings with many regions
    • Opening recordings with many annotations
    • Opening recordings with calculations
    • Editing custom calculations
  • Recordings with empty blocks now behave as expected when autoscaling.
  • The Units Conversion popup is now the correct size when opened.
  • Data selections in Chart View are now updating correctly when channel heights are changed.
  • Calculated data is now displayed correctly in Table View. It was failing to display in some cases.

New Known Issues

  • The Cardiovascular Cyclic Measurement calculations in the custom calculation library are not currently working.