LabChart Lightning

LabChart Lightning 1.1 Windows

Download LabChart Lightning v1.1 Windows
84.70MB, Released 19 May 2020

Notes for this release

New Features

  • Added support for sampling from multiple PowerLabs and/or third-party devices at once


  • The preview in the units conversion dialog now shows the data that is selected in Chart View. If there is no selection, the data at the end of the recording is shown
  • A crash that could occur when editing custom calculations has been fixed
  • A crash that sometimes occurred after upgrading from 1.0 and switching to a different project, has been fixed
  • Maximizing a channel in Chart View sometimes caused projects to break. This has been fixed
  • The Chart View y-axis scale buttons are now working correctly
  • Readouts now work correctly when more than one readout is open
  • Improved the feedback that a user sees if there is an error in their project

New Known Issues

  • Lightning can crash if installed using a Windows user account with unicode characters in the name, e.g. Dán Smith