LabChart Lightning

LabChart Lightning 1.2.0 Windows

Download LabChart Lightning v1.2.0 Windows
90.10MB, Released 28 Jul 2020

Notes for this release

New Features

  • A "What's new" modal is now displayed after Lightning has been updated.
  • Lightning’s window size and position are now saved between sessions.


  • Significantly reduced time taken to open projects containing many recordings and/or large custom calculations.
  • A much smoother experience zooming or scrolling within a recording to view different parts of the data. The improvement is especially apparent in recordings containing large numbers of annotations or regions.
  • LabChart Lightning stays responsive to user input even while sampling from many signals (50+) simultaneously. This facilitates common tasks such as entering annotations and defining regions while acquiring data.
  • Better performance creating selections and regions within large recordings.
  • Units conversion now works correctly in projects that were created using Lightning 1.0.
  • Calculations now work correctly for all source signal names.
  • The position of an annotation is now saved correctly after being changed.
  • The Selection properties panel now always shows up-to-date data.
  • A helpful message is shown if trying to check for software updates when there is no internet connection.

New Known Issues

  • Editing an annotation can cause errors in some cases.