Multipoint Calibration

Multipoint Calibration 1.3 Windows

Download Multipoint Calibration v1.3 Windows
1.16MB, Released 15 Nov 2013

System Requirements

Multipoint Calibration v1.3 is compatible with LabChart v8.0 or later.

Notes for this release

Changes Since Previous Version

There have been various enhancements and changes to the following:

  • The underlying curve-fitting algorithms used for Multipoint Calibration have been updated to be in common with those used in the LabChart Data Pad Plots, which means that the equations generated may differ slightly from those for earlier releases of Multipoint Calibration
  • Coefficient of Determination (R-squared) is now shown with an upper-case 'R' in common with its use in LabChart Data Pad plots and in line with most of the current literature
  • Chi-squared has been removed from the list of fit parameters shown in the Multipoint Calibration Curve dialog
  • The Multipoint Calibration Curve Fit dialog now displays the R-squared value for all fits except point-to-point.