Non Invasive Cardiac Output 1.1

2.10MB • Released 

Release Notes
  • Added a new ‘Apply finger pulse correction’ option to the setup. This applies a low-pass filter to attempt to compensate for amplification of peak pressure as the pulse propagates down the brachial artery to the finger. This, along with other improvements in the algorithm, results in significantly larger estimated Cardiac Output values. Note: Non-Invasive Cardiac Output is still best suited to relative Cardiac Output measurements on the same subject rather than absolute measurements across subjects.

  • The ‘Find from ECG Signal’ beat detection option has been removed because any delay between the EGC events and the NIBP signals would affect the results.

  • Fixed an issue where the Total Peripheral Resistance calculation failed to produce valid data.

  • The Liljestrand and Estimated Flow calculations now produce correct results in files containing data sampled at different rates.