PhysioTel Connect 1.1

49.96MB • Released 

System Requirements

Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 10

Release Notes
  • Added support for HD-S02 and HD-X02 PhysioTel HD implants
  • Updated DSI-Link to 1.9.17180.2.
  • Added End User License Agreement to installer
  • Improved implant channel naming
  • Removed APR requirement to sample implants with pressure signals.
  • Added error checking for HD Implants placed on incorrect receivers
  • Improved Help documentation and provided an example on how to compensate for ambient pressure for a pressure signal channel
  • Fixed an issue where PhysioTel Connect was incorrectly appearing as ‘DSI-MX2’ in Feature Manager
  • Fixed an issue where LabChart would crash when the MX2 or APR configuration dialogues were opened from the Setup menu without an open LabChart document.
  • PhysioTel Connect 1.1 requires LabChart 8.1.6

Known Issues

  • Initial MX2 time synchronization to the host computer can take several minutes to complete
  • APRs are now identified on the network by serial number instead of IP, you may have to review your APR configuration after upgrading to PhysioTel Connect 1.1
  • Adding implants to the MX2 configuration does not always populate more active channels in LabChart; can be addressed in Devices and Channels dialog after saving a configuration
  • MX2 and APR configuration dialogues can sometimes open behind the LabChart window or other windows
  • When sampling a pressure signal implant without an APR, a prompt will appear every time the the configuration is changed, after dismissing this prompt the LabChart window will be pushed behind other open windows
  • Sampling with an out of range implant or implant that is powered off will cause the scrolling in chart view to stammer
  • Implant channel ordering is dictated by the order of the channels in the MX2 configuration dialogue and reordering them in LabChart is futile, when the Start button is pressed the channel ordering will be reset.
  • There can be delays when waiting for MX2 device synchronisation, when sampling starts or when loading the MX2 device
  • When LabChart or LabChart files are opened without the MX2 that’s saved in the local configuration present on the network, it will not load the MX2 device nicely.
  • When loading a LabChart file, if the configuration in your MX2 system does not match the configuration saved in the LabChart file, you may get a Inventory Reconciliation prompt when opening the MX2 Configuration. Select ‘All Incoming’ to load the configuration from the LabChart file
  • When launching LabChart from a LabChart file that contains an MX2 on the network that doesn’t match the MX2 configuration saved in the local configuration, you will be prompted to create a new configuration. After doing this, LabChart will not load the device and a restart of LabChart is required
  • PhysioTel Connect 1.1 is not supported on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and LabChart will crash during launch if PhysioTel Connect is installed
  • The Meinberg NTP program installed along with PhysioTel Connect may not always reinstall properly when upgrading to 1.1; if there are prolonged MX2 synchronization issues that don’t resolve themselves, uninstall and reinstall PhysioTel Connect 1.1