PV Loop 2.0

18.90MB • Released 

System Requirements

PV Loop v2.0 is compatible with LabChart v7.3.8.

Release Notes

Known Issues

Cuvette Calibration

Cuvette calibrations in documents saved using PV Loop 1.0.4 are not opened correctly in PV Loop 1.2 or later.

The workaround for this issue is to recalculate the cuvette calibration for the document.

New Features

Average Parallel Conductance Calculation

It is now possible to analyze and remember multiple regions of saline bolus data. Selecting multiple remembered regions will allow you to apply the average parallel conductance calculated to the volume channel. This feature is only available when using the Workflow.

New Calibration Modes

The following calibrations are now explicitly supported in the Workflow user interface:

  • Pressure calibration
  • Conductance calibrations (Small mammal Workflow)
  • Volume calibration (Large mammal Workflow)
  • Alpha calibration

Cuvette Calibration

The Cuvette Calibration view now allows the user to enter multiple conductance readings for the dip well when performing cuvette calibration. The conductance readings can be entered manually or by using the 'Set From Selection' button in the view.

Millar MPVS Ultra Control

The MPVS Ultra Control software from Millar can now be launched from within the Pressure, Conductance, and Volume calibration Steps in the Small and Large mammal Workflow views.

Setting Dialog

A live data preview has been added to the PV Loop setup dialog. This will allow users to test event detector settings before performing analyses. The green event markers show the EDP measurement position and the white event markers show where the peak is detected.

Workflow Mode

PV Loop v2.0 features a new Workflow mode which helps guide users through the relevant calibration steps for Large and Small mammal experiments. The workflow mode also provides:

  • User feedback for step completion and invalidation to existing calibrations from user actions
  • Targeted parameters for selected steps
  • Option to automatically tile views appropriate to current step

Changes Since Previous Version

Demo Files

The PV Loop Demo and Tutorial files, and the Getting Started with PV Loop document have been updated to highlight the new Workflow feature.

Setting Dialog

Prior to version PV Loop 2.0, the module would analyze the entire channel by default. The analysis region mode is now set to "Selection" by default.