Trigno Wireless Device Enabler 1.3.6

0.60MB • Released 

System Requirements

Trigno Wireless Device Enabler v1.3.6 is compatible with LabChart v8.1.10 or later and Trigno Control Utility 3.6.0.

Release Notes

Release Notes

  • Trigno Wireless 1.3.6 device enabler adds support for Trigno Server 3.6.0. 
  • Trigno Server 3.6.0 changelog:
  • Compatibility with Base Firmware “29-19 | 15-06 | 08-06 | 20-08 | 09-01”
  • Fixed an issue where Analog Outputs were not configured correctly for Multiband sensors (Quattro, Duo, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where accelerometer channels on Avanti sensors were not output to Analog Outputs correctly
  • Fixed an issue causing an accumulated delay before starting data collection.
  • Trigno Wireless 1.3.6 fixes some gain issues for Avanti Sensors.
  • The Trigno Wireless 1.3.6 installer must be acquired from either the website or the USB disk drive along with Trigno Server 3.6.0, it is not available for download from LabChart Feature Manager
  • Trigno Wireless 1.3.6 is not compatible with any versions of Trigno Server prior to 3.6.0 or any versions after 3.6.0
  • The Trigno Control Utility will require sensors to be updated to the latest firmware. Please use the Delsys Software Update Tool v1.8.0.0 for legacy sensors now installed by the Trigno Server 3.6.0 installer or the Delsys Firmware Update App on Android OS for bluetooth sensors.

Known Issues

  • Pairing the Quattro or Galileo to a slot not in the top row will cause sampling issues
  • Avanti type sensor modes can’t be changed.
  • EMG sensor bandwidths can’t be set via LabChart in this version of Trigno Wireless, the default is the Wide bandwidth mode.
  • The Avanti X and Y Magnetometer axis are inconsistent with the previous IMU sensor Magnetometer axis.
  • Changing the Powerlab gain/sampling settings whilst sampling alongside a Trigno sensor can cause synchronization issues. Please change these settings when you are not sampling.
  • By default, LabChart will load the sensors in the same order they are paired in the Trigno Control Utility. When opening settings files, please check that you have the same order, otherwise there may be a channel naming to sensor input mismatch.
  • When changing sensor configurations in between LabChart sessions, make sure all undesired sensors are turned off (use the ‘Sensors Off’ button) and relaunch the Trigno Control Utility. Even this can sometimes result in a ghost sensor in the next session.
  • The XY orientation with respect to the sensor’s arrow indicator is not consistent across sensor types, positive X and Y axis are swapped for the legacy EMG type A sensor and newer EMG type sensors.
  • The Load cell sensors need to be calibrated using LabChart’s Units Conversion feature to obtain accurate readings based on specific load cells.
  • Sensors may have offsets and any offsets can be compensated for using an arithmetic expression in LabChart.
  • Changes to the Trigno Control Utility’s settings are not supported by LabChart, this includes changing the orientation filter for the IMU sensor, changing sensor modes and settings from within the Control Utility and changing SDK communication port numbers. The modes of the sensor should be set using LabChart’s range dropdown setting.
  • Trigno Server 3.6.0 is not supported on 32-bit operating systems