Can I monitor Digital inputs without using Preset Comments?

The user can monitor digital inputs with the GetDigitalInputBit and GetDigitalInputState macro commands.  These commands are accessable in the Macro edit pop-up window in LabChart Functions under the PowerLab group. 

  • GetDigitalInputBit returns a value of "1" if a digital bit input is present or a value of "0" if the digital bit input bit is not present.
  • GetDigitalInputState returns the digital input connector's current bit pattern (also known as a 'byte') or a value of "0" if the digital input is not present.

For example, the following Macro text assigns digital input 1's current state to the variable "docGetDigitalInputBit" and outputs it in a pop-up message box:

Sub Macro ()

docGetDigitalInputBit = Doc.GetDigitalInputBit (1)

Call MsgBox (docgetdigitalinputbit, vbExclamation + vbOKOnly, "LabChart")

End Sub