Can I Overlay and Print non-consecutive pages in Scope View within LabChart?

Conventionally, Scope is designed to overlay consecutive pages using the Overlay Scroll Bar. In the below example, 6 consecutive pages (1-6) have been overlaid:

It is however possible to overlay non-consecutive pages. To achieve this, first set the Overlay Scroll Bar all the way to the left (no overlay). Then press and hold the 'Ctrl'key and click the pages you wish to overlay:


This will produce an overlay of just these pages. You can keep these pages overlaid by clicking the 'Lock in Overlay' Icon above the list of Pages:


It is possible to Print the individual pages when overlaid in this way, but this will only Print the individual traces from each Page, and will not show the overlay. To print the overlay, use the 'PrtScn' key, or use a screen-capture program to create a screen capture of the overlay, and Crop and Print it from Microsoft Paint or another Media Editing Suite. 
This information is valid for LabChart 7.3.7 or later for Windows.