Can rat biopotential telemeter leads be cut?

The leads of rat biopotential telemeters (TR50B, TR50BB, TRM54PB and TRM56SP) are ~25cm in length to ensure ample lead is provided for recording of biopotentials and to support reuse of the telemeters.

It is NOT recommended that biopotential leads of rat telemeters are cut to the desired length on first implantation. Instead, excess length should be coiled in a subcutaneous pocket or in the abdominal cavity to ensure the telemeters can be reused several times.

At the end of an experiment it is easiest to cut the biopotential lead wires just behind where they have been secured in the tissue, rather than spend time carefully dissecting them. In order to maximise reuse of the telemeter the length trimmed should be kept to a minimum.

A biopotential telemeter is at the end of it’s useful life when there is not enough length left in the lead to reach the site of recording from the abdominal cavity, while ensuring the free movement of the rat is unrestricted.

ADInstruments do not offer refurbishment of the biopotential leads so a new telemeter must be purchased when the leads become too short.

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