How can the blank "Out of Range" data regions at the beginning and end of calculated data channels be removed?

When LabChart performs a calculation and outputs it in a data channel, there will be blank sections of the data trace at the beginning and end of each recorded data block that read as "Out of Range" when the cursor is placed over them. 












These sections are due to LabChart waiting to acquire the minimum required data samples for the calculation's basic algorithm and user-defined settings. LabChart can be instructed to interpolate from the first/last good calculation values to the beginning/end of the file with the Arithmetic Channel Calculation's Nanremover function. To apply the Nanremover function to a specific channel's data, select the Channel Title Bar in a new channel and follow the Channel Calculations Menu path illustrated below.












Select the Nanremover function from the Arithmetic Setting Window Functions Menu.























And configure it to use the desired calculated channel.









The blank "Out of Range" data sections will no longer appear.


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