How can I add comments without typing while I am sampling in LabChart?

Sometimes it is useful to have a set of comments that is already entered and can be added to your data file without typing them in as you sample. LabChart for windows has a feature that will allow you to accomplish this; it is called preset comments.

Launch a LabChart data file, and select Setup > Preset Comments
When you open the preset comments dialog, click the New button to add a new comment.
You may now select the event upon which the comment will be entered: using shortcut keysdigital IO (on some PowerLab models), the trigger input (on some PowerLab models), or the stimulator. You can then enter text for commonly used comments and save this as part of the LabChart settings file.  You can save multiple comments to the same shortcut key and they will be presented in order. Please see the LabChart help for more information about Preset comments.

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