How can I calculate the resolution of a recorded raw signal within LabChart?

LabChart, when used with a PowerLab Data Acquisition Unit, performs an Analog-to-Digital Conversion at a 16-bit full scale resolution, effectively dividing the Range into 64,000 segments - the Resolution is the size of one of these segments. To calculate the Resolution of any raw signal recorded into LabChart, divide the Total Range that signal was recorded on by 64,000.

Important Note - The Range extends in both the positive and negative direction. Therefore, a Range of 1V goes from +1V to -1V - a Total Range of 2V.
Example 1 - Finger Pulse Recording at a 500mV Range
Total Range = +500mV to -500mV = 1000mV = 1V
Resolution = 1V / 64,000 = 0.000015625V (15.625uV)
Example 2 - GSR Recording at a 40uS Range
Total Range = +40uS to -40uS = 80uS
Resolution = 80uS / 64,000 = 0.00125uS (1.25nS)
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