How can I configure the valid range for each parameter in the Stimulator set-up?

In the Settings dialog for each Stimulator parameter, you can configure the range of values available for the parameter controls that are found in the Stimulator dialog and panel, and the Waveform Customization dialog. Setting appropriate limits and scales allows greater precision over the output waveform using the sliders. The limits affect both the sliders and the valid values for the text entry boxes.

You can display the Settings dialog for any parameter in both the Stimulator and Waveform Customization dialogs by clicking the settings button at the right of the control.


In both the Stimulator dialog and panel you can right-click on the control and choose Settings...

To configure parameter controls:

1.Enter lower and upper limit values for the parameter into the From and To fields.
2.Choose whether you want a logarithmic or linear scale.
  • If you have chosen Linear scale you can set the increment or number of steps for the slider scale
If you set a limit beyond the capabilities of the hardware, you will be notified by a red exclamation mark.  Hovering over this image with your mouse will give you an indication of the maximum and minimum values allowed.