How can I deploy LabChart via Command Line and insert a departmental license code?

Note: This only applies if using a single Departmental LabChart license code, and not for multiple individual license codes.

1.) Deploy LabChart via the command line to your group of computers.
2.) On one of the computers that now has LabChart installed, Launch LabChart and enter your license code.
3.) On the same computer take a copy of the Application Configuration.ADICfg file located in C:\ProgramData\ADInstruments\LabChart8\
4.) Deploy the Application Configuration.ADICfg file you copied in the previous step to all of the remaining computers. Make sure you copy it to the same location (C:\ProgramData\ADInstruments\LabChart8\).
You can now open LabChart on the remaining computers without the need to provide a license code.

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