How can I export Data from LabChart into NeuroExplorer?

Exporting Data

Spike Histogram Module

The Spike Histogram Module is able to directly export data in the native NeuroExplorer file format (.nex), which can be read directly with NeuroExplorer. The option to Export can be located under the Spike Histogram menu when the module is enabled in LabChart:


The .nex file exports the timestamps of all spikes within all units (units are defined by the Spike Histogram module), as well as the timestamps of blocks and stimulus events within LabChart. This is the recommended method of exporting data. 

'Export' option within LabChart

Neuroexplorer is also able to  read .txt files, which LabChart is capable of generating via the 'Export' option, found under the main 'File' menu. This method requires that you uncheck the 'Block Header' option, as NeuroExplorer cannot read the column headings:


This method does not export any Unit information, just every raw data point, and will require much more manipulation within the NeuroExplorer program.

Opening Files with NeuroExplorer

.nex Files generated by Spike Histogram

To open the .nex files generated by Spike Histogram, simply select 'File' --> 'Open', and navigate to the file of interest:


.txt Files generated by LabChart

To open .txt files with NeuroExplorer, select 'File' --> 'Import Data' --> 'Text File', and navigate to the text file of interest: