How can I visualise the different brain wave components (eg Alpha, Beta, Delta) from my EEG signal in LabChart?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a method for measuring the electrical activity in the brain by placing electrodes on the scalp.  Typically, the signal measured is made up of different types of brain activity which are characterised by their frequency.
  • Delta <4Hz
  • Theta 4-7Hz
  • Alpha 8-15Hz
  • Beta 16-31Hz
  • Gamma >32Hz
The data collected in LabChart can be filtered using a digital bandpass filter to show each of the specific frequency bands. This is acheived by going to the channel drop down menu, choosing Digital filter....
In the dialog, the source channel should be the raw EEG channel, the filter chosen should be bandpass and the the upper an lower Fq limit can be set for the specific bandwidth (eg Alpha would be set at 15Hz and 8Hz)
This can be repeated for each bandwidth that you wish to display, each on a separate channel.
NB. Depending on electrode placement, some brain waves may be more or less prominent in certain regions of the brain.

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