How can the quality of the movie generated by LabChart's Export to QuickTime Extension be changed?

The Export QuickTime Extension allows the user to export the Chart View of LabChart data files as Apple QuickTime movies for use in presentations, on webpages, in Microsoft office documents, etc.  The various parameters (Compression Algorithm, Frame Rate, Number of Pixels,etc.) that affect the quality of the movies generated can be changed under the "Movie" section of the Export As QuickTime Settings pop-up window (See image below).


To reach this settings window, left mouse click on the File Menu and select the "Export..." option.  The Export As pop-up window will now appear.  Next, name the file, select the file location it is to be saved to, and select QuickTime Movie as the "Save as type:".  Left mouse click the Save button, and the Export As QuickTime Settings pop-up window will now appear.  Make the necessary settings adjustments, and left mouse click the OK button to finish saving the QuickTime movie.