How can the time format of a text file exported from LabChart be given as time of day?

To show the time of day in the time column of an exported text file, the time display mode in LabChart will need to be changed.  This can be done by left mouse clicking the Setup Menu, and selecting the "Display Setting..." option from the pop-up menu that appears.


The Display Setting pop-up window will now appear.  Left mouse click the radio button for "Time of day" as pictured below.


Left mouse click the OK button to save the settings.  The time axis in the Chart View will now be displayed as time of day instead of as seconds from the start of the file or block.

Any text file exported from the current LabChart file will now have each time point in time column expressed in the 12-hour Clock Hour:Minute:Second format, e.g. "3:39:32.178 PM."  If the Export As Text settings dialog is set to export the time in seconds when LabChart is showing the time as "Time of day", each time point in the time column will be expressed as the number of seconds from the start of the day.  For example, "3:00:00 PM" will be exported as as "54000.000."