How do I change the Transmission Frequency of a SmartPad?

To avoid confusion with data acquisition channels in LabChart, the term Channel in ConfigSoft will now be referred to as Transmission Frequency.


It is recommended that any changes to SmartPad Transmission Frequency are recorded for future reference.

  1. Ensure the Configurator is connected to your computer and ConfigSoft is open
  2. In ConfigSoft, click the SmartPad button in the main menu or choose the SmartPad tab
  3. Enter the Serial Number of the SmartPad (found on the front and rear of the SmartPad)
  4. Enter the current Transmission Frequency of the SmartPad. If this is the first use it will be Setup by default.
  5. If the current Transmission Frequency is unknown, click Search for SmartPad and the Configurator will search and report the Transmission Frequency for the Serial Number entered

  1. In the Configure your SmartPad section, enter or select a new Transmission Frequency (1-40) for the SmartPad. This should be the same as that selected for a telemeter if you are pairing for recording
  2. Ensure Change transmission channel to is checked
  3. Click Go to activate the new Transmission Frequency and OK to confirm your choice
  1. The SmartPad status light will slow flash red during the change
  2. After a few seconds a message will appear confirming the change

  1. If a telemeter is paired on the same Transmission Frequency the SmartPad status light will change to green. The telemeter and SmartPad are now able to communicate for data collection

If the system is not being used immediately, ensure all telemeters are returned to Safe Mode at the end of this process

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE