How do I configure Example Data in a Data Recording Panel within Lt?

To set up Example Data in an Lt Lesson follow these steps (note you will need to be an Administrator within Lt, and have permission to Author Content):

1. Generate and save your Example Data within LabChart 8, and save it to a suitable location
2. Ensure example data is enabled. To enable example data click on your ​Course ​> ​Settings ​> scroll to ​Example Data Settings​ > check the ​Example data can be given to students​ > create and enter your own ​Access code:

3. Ensure the lesson is set as an individual activity rather than group activity. ​To change group work on a lesson, go to your ​Course ​> ​Lessons ​> choose the Lab Lesson > click ​Edit Details​ on the Lesson card and uncheck the ​Group Lesson​ checkbox. You should not see the group icon beside the lesson name confirming it is to be worked on individually.

4. After the lesson is properly configured, Open the Lesson you wish to add this data to as Example Data (Lessons | Choose the Lesson of Interest | Open), and click the Data Recording Panel in Lt:
5. Click 'Edit', and from the Assessment Menu select either Graded or Instant + Graded (these only need to be selected so the Example Data can be configured)

6. Click 'Set Answer', and choose 'Add Data' from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen:

7. Navigate to the LabChart 8 File generated in Step 1, and choose 'Open' to add the file to the Panel as Example Data

(Note: You may now switch back to No Assessment or Instant Feedback).


Example Data can be added by shift+left-clicking the Start button in a Data Sampling Panel, and entering the defined passcode (set as an Administrator under Course | Settings | Example Data Settings). Be sure to send out the access code to your students so they are aware when entering the example data.