How do I pair rat telemeters and SmartPads on the same Transmission Frequency?

To avoid confusion with data acquisition channels in LabChart, the term Channel in ConfigSoft will now be referred to as Transmission Frequency.

All telemeters and SmartPads are shipped on the Setup Transmission Frequency by default. Before telemeters are implanted, each telemeter and SmartPad pair must be configured on the same Transmission Frequency. This allows the telemeter and the SmartPad to communicate for data transmission and optimal wireless power transfer.

Before starting, it is best practice to configure one telemeter and one SmartPad at a time, with all other SmartPads turned off and other telemeters kept in Safe Mode >1m away from any active SmartPads.

First ensure that your SmartPad is on and the telemeter is in Active Mode. Then follow instructions for changing the Transmission Frequency of a telemeter and a SmartPad, using the Configurator and ConfigSoft. At the end of the process the SmartPad status light will turn green green to confirm that the telemeter and SmartPad are now paired on the same Transmission Frequency.

It is recommended that any changes to telemeter or SmartPad Transmission Frequencies are recorded for future reference.

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