How do I run ConfigSoft Diagnostics for a SmartPad?

The Diagnostics function of ConfigSoft allows you to check the status of SmartPads to confirm the telemetry system is set up optimally for recording.

To run diagnostics enter the Serial Number and Current Transmission Frequency of the SmartPad in the SmartPad tab of ConfigSoft and click Start Diagnostics. A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to save a Log File for the SmartPad, in this case click NO.

The SmartPad will now enter Diagnostics Mode and the Status Light on the front of the unit will flash RED (TR181 model only. The light of the TR180 model will flash ORANGE).

While the SmartPad is in Diagnostics Mode data sampling is disabled and a sawtooth pattern will be observed in LabChart.

Interpreting SmartPad Diagnostics

Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Function
= the atmospheric pressure sensor is functioning normally
X = a problem has occurred with the SmartPad atmospheric pressure sensor. This can occur due to a brief loss of communication with the SmartPad. Please contact support if this occurs frequently or continues for >30s

Temperature Normal
= the temperature of the SmartPad is acceptable
X = the temperature of the SmartPad is too high. Please contact support

Power Consumption Normal
= SmartPad power consumption is normal
X = Excess power consumption has been detected, the status light will be red and the charging field disabled. The SmartPad may be too close to metal or another SmartPad. Contact support if the problem persists

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE.