How is a Transonic Tubing Flowprobe calibrated in LabChart?

Although the Transonic Flowprobes are factory calibrated, there is still a need to calibrate the probe with the PowerLab Data Acquisition System so that the data reads out in the same units as the Flowmeter. This is accomplished using Units conversion in LabChart.  Follow the steps below to calibrate a Tubing Flowprobe in LabChart.

You will use the front panel buttons as seen in image below.




  1. Start Recording with LabChart.
  2. Press the Menu button to enter Program Mode. The blue labels on the FlowMeter buttons indicate their secondary function to navigate the program and set up the Flowmeter and Sensor calibration. Program messages are displayed on the LCD screen.
  3. Use the Scroll buttons to get to Meter Controls and Select this option.
  4. Select Calibrate Scale.
  5. Select 0 Volt Scale to send a 0V signal to LabChart.
  6. Scroll to 1 Volt Scale and Select this option to send a 1V signal to LabChart.
  7. Stop recording in LabChart.
  8. Highlight the 0V and 1V data.
  9. Go into the Channel Menu for the flow channel and choose Units Conversion
  10. Highlight a portion of the 0V area of the data, assign this to Point One (see image below) and enter 0 in the block to the right.
  11. Highlight a portion of the 1V area of the data, assign this to Point Two (see image below) and enter the maximum flow rate the probe is calibrated for in the block to the right. (The max flow rate can be seen in Scale mode)
  12. Assign the appropriate Units (mL/min or L/min)
  13. Select OK

NOTE: If the flow is inverted once recording begins, use the Invert flow option in the Meter Controls or reverse the direction of the flowmeter on the tubing.

For further technical assistance with this or any other issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support by clicking HERE