Should I use a pressure volume (PV) catheter with a pigtail?

The pigtail serves the purpose of preventing the catheter from penetrating the ventricle walls and helps with stabilizing the catheter within the ventricle. Most of the Millar Multi-Segment Pressure-Volume catheter models have a pigtail and using a pigtail model depends on the preferences and specific requirements of the researcher.

It is not recommended to remove the pigtail from any of our products that come standard. Note: The warranty is void if the pigtail is removed. 

Some of the Millar 3F Multi-Segment Pressure-Volume catheters have a u-tip at the distal end instead of a pigtail. The u-tip serves the same function as a pigtail and is used on catheters that are too small for a full pigtail.

None of the single-segment small animal pressure-volume (2.0 F and below) catheter models come with a pigtail.