Two of my telemeters are in Active Mode on the same transmission frequency. How do I separate them?

When setting up the Transmission Frequencies of multiple telemeters at once, care must be taken to avoid activating two or more telemeters that are on the same Transmission Frequency. It is best practice to only place one telemeter in Active Mode at a time and keep the others at least 2m from any SmartPads during this process.

If two or more telemeters are accidentally placed in Active Mode it is likely that the TR190 Configurator System will be unable to identify the telemeters or change the transmission frequencies. Follow these steps to correct this:

  1. Select one telemeter and keep it within 1m of the TR190 Configurator
  2. Remove all other active telemeters to >5m away from the Configurator
  3. Use the Search for Telemeter function of ConfigSoft to identify the telemeter closest to the Configurator
  4. Change the transmission frequency of this telemeter, remove it so that it is >2m from any active SmartPads and then place it in Safe Mode
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for any remaining telemeters, each time selecting a different Transmission Frequency

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