What are the SmartPad analog outputs for each rat telemeter model?

All SmartPad analog outputs are low pass filtered at 1kHz. Once paired with a telemeter on the same transmission frequency, a SmartPad will automatically detect the model of telemeter it is communicating with. SmartPad analog outputs are then configured to the following signal outputs for each telemeter model:

Table 1: SmartPad analog outputs for all rat telemeter models

The pressure outputs from the TRM54PP Dual Pressure Telemeter can be identified based on the position of the catheter relative to the telemeter case. The pressure catheter located on the shorter side of the telemeter case corresponds to Output 1 of the SmartPad as indicated by Figure 1.

Figure 1: Identification of which pressure catheter corresponds to which SmartPad analog output for the TRM54PP Dual Pressure Telemeter

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