What is the purpose of the Green Text in the ADInstruments' Example Macros (and Macros in general)?

The Green Text that can be found within the ADInstruments' Example Macros prevents said line of code from being run as part of the macro - the macro 'ignores' this code when the macro is executed. Any individual line of code can be converted to this format by entering an apostrophe (') at the beginning of any given line of code:

In the above example, the first line of code (in black) will run as part of the macro. The second line (in green), with the apostrophe prefix, will be ignored when the macro is run. 
There are two main benefits to marking code in this way:
1. To annotate sections of your macro. This can be useful to allow you to quickly see what sections of a macro do, as well as to assist others who will make use of the macro.
2. To allow you to easily 'turn off' sections of the macro, without having to delete (and then potentially re-enter later) lines of code. If you do not want to use a particular line(s) of code, you can use this format to make them inactive until you need them in the future. You can then simply make the code active again by deleting the apostrophe.

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