What training resources are available from ADInstruments?

ADInstruments provides several resources for training and support. The links below describe the various training options. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you as you get started with your ADInstruments equipment.

Training Videos

We offer a variety of training videos on our website which discuss the numerous features and uses of ADInstruments' Software and Hardware.

Training Videos:


The Getting Started with LabChart webinar is especially helpful:



We provide training courses in several cities every month. Our courses cover our LabChart and LabTutor/LabAuthor software programs, as well as specific applications (such as Isolated Heart, Pressure Volume, and Invertebrate Neurophysiology).

Upcoming workshops and training courses:



Our software forum is an online environment which allows you and your peers to discuss your experiments, and to request assistance from ADInstruments product and application specialists.

ADInstruments Software Forum:


On-Site Training

ADInstruments also offers an on-site Installation and Training service. When you purchase this service, a qualified ADInstruments engineer will come to your lab, install your ADInstruments hardware and software, and train you and your team to use the equipment properly. Please contact us directly for more details.