Why can't I set the interval for the Physiocal calibration feature for the Finometer MIDI?

The intervals of the Physiocal calibration feature have been carefully chosen following clinical studies. Therefore, independently choosing the intervals of physiological calibration is not desirable.
The reason for the short intervals in the beginning of the measurement can be found in that during the first minute the increased pressure on the finger compresses the tissue. This causes the interstitial fluids to shift, which in turn has an effect on the signal quality. When the algorithm detects a stabilization of the signal quality, and it is adequate enough, the interval between calibrations is increased. When a stable measurement is ongoing, the interval will be 70 heart beats, which was found to be the maximum interval to be able to compensate for possible changes in finger artery compliance. During the measurement signal quality can change and intervals are adjusted up or downwards accordingly.
If the calibration is interfering with the measurement, it can be stopped altogether. Please be aware that this may reduce long term tracking of blood pressure during the period the Physiocal calibration feature is not active. Hence turning off this feature for long periods is not recommended.\

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