Why does my graph display “Incomplete data in table” when my corresponding table is completed in Lt?

If a student has completed a table in Lt but the associated graph still displays, “Incomplete data in table”, there could be a couple different issues to look into.

First, ensure that the student has completed the table. Then, verify that the student does not have units listed in the cells of the table after the numerical values. Units, such as mV, BPM, etc., should be listed only in the column header for the table and will prevent the data from graphing appropriately if they are included in the cells. 


Additionally, the student will want to ensure that after they have completed their table, the appropriate cells are selected when they click “Edit Graph” under the graph. 

The graph may display that there is incomplete data because the student may have only one cell selected:


If all data in the appropriate cells is selected (by clicking and dragging to highlight the cells within the “Edit Graph” dialog window), the graph should display properly:

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