Editing Lt Lessons

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In this video you will learn how to modify existing content to produce customized lessons in Lt. 

How to edit a lesson

Select Open to enter the authoring environment where you can edit the lesson. The lesson opens in preview mode, or how a student would see it. In this view you can navigate and interact with the lesson. Lt lessons consist of a series of scrollable pages. When you want to make changes, select the Edit button. 

How to edit a panel

Within pages are discrete elements called panels. When a panel is selected, you are able to change the content and functionality of that panel by selecting Edit, or simply selecting the panel again. Lt is a cloud-based platform, so your work will be saved automatically. 

You can always undo changes by selecting the Undo button, or using your normal keyboard shortcuts. Once you have finished your edits, select Done or click on the gray area outside of the panel.

How to move a panel 

To move a panel, select and drag the panel to where you want it to be placed. A blue bar will appear to indicate the panel's new position, just release the cursor to place the panel. Note that panels will automatically resize to fit the new layout.

How to manually resize panels and add new panel types

To manually resize a panel, select it and drag the orange bars. To add a new panel to a page, select Panels at the bottom of the page. 

There are a variety of panel types to choose from including: basic panels, question panels, multimedia panels, and panels specifically for data acquisition using the PowerLab

Once you have found the panel you want, simply drag it onto the page. Again, the blue bar indicates where the panel will be placed and the surrounding panels will resize automatically. 

White space panels help align content on the page. Don’t worry, the dashed grey lines around a white space panel will not be visible to students or those previewing the lesson. 

How to review your edits using Preview Mode

To review your changes from a student perspective, select Preview. Notice that the authoring tools also disappear in this view. 

Preview mode allows us to interact with panels as a student would. This is great for testing the student experience as you author your lesson. To return to edit mode, select Exit Preview. 

How to edit an existing popup

If you wish to edit a popup, there are two methods available. One is to select the text linked to the popup, then select the Insert Popup button. This opens the popup library. Here you will see which popup the text is linked to, as well as all of the other popups available. 

To change which popup the text is linked to, simply select another popup, and then select Okay

How to add a new popup

You can also create a new popup by selecting New. Popups are authored just like a regular lesson page, with panels that can be added and rearranged. There is also the option to have a summary popup. 

To review your changes as a student would, select the preview mode and the updated popup. Notice how a summary popup appears first with a link to the full screen popup. The popup library can also be accessed directly from the Pages button under Edit popups

When you finished editing your lesson, select Close Lesson to return to the admin pages. Remember, any changes you have made are saved automatically.

For detailed descriptions of Lt’s existing lessons and modules, please visit our Lt Content Collection pages.

Additional resources:

For more information about using Lt, please visit our Lt support page or get in contact with your local Customer Success Manager (CSM).