Tony Macknight: Future-Proof Your Teaching | Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Webinar Series

Tony Macknight: Future-Proof Your Teaching | Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Webinar Series

  • 26 Jan 21


Originally presented live on the 21st of January, 2021, as part of
the Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Webinar Series.

Tony Macknight

Tony Macknight, MD, PhD
Director of Education, ADInstruments

The COVID pandemic requires adaptability in our teaching and provides a unique opportunity to rethink what we do. Whatever we do, this rethink should be built around the concept of active learning and be guided by what I call ‘The 4 E’s of Learning’. Learning should be Efficient, Effective, Everlasting, and Exciting. Whether you teach a conventional lecture/laboratory course with some tutorials, a blended learning course with a mix of on–line tasks, flipped classroom activities and laboratories, or a fully remote on–line course, the same principles can be applied. In particular, it is really important to future–proof your course so that you can move with as little disruption as possible, to the required type of delivery. Whatever your preferred format for delivering your course, there are elements in common.

  • Lectures: The new technologies are making the conventional 50 minute lecture obsolete. Can we devise a format that would be equally suitable for the conventional program, blended learning and fully on–line remote courses?
  • Tutorials: So often, students prepare poorly for tutorials. Again, can we devise a format that is equally effective for all types of program?
  • Laboratories: Physiology is a laboratory–base discipline and laboratory work designed to illustrate important concepts and enhance their understanding, is central to a tertiary level physiology program. How best to deliver this experience?

This webinar expands on these themes and are illustrated by examples from the work that we have been doing at ADInstruments to support Physiology teaching.

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