Webinar: 'Mixing’ Fun with Exercise Physiology

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Join Dr. Anuj Bhargava, Ms Estee Vermeulen, and Dr. Luis Knight as they unveil their Lt-based Exercise Lab designed for 400+ stage II physiology students. Explore insights into pedagogy, design, and implementation with flow heads, mixing chambers and gas analyzers. 

Key Highlights:

  • Explore the shift from traditional methods to a technology-driven approach, fostering independent learning. 
  • Gain practical insights into the seamless implementation of flow heads and mixing chambers in sizable class settings. 
  • Understand how students benefit from the novel teaching methodologies employed in the University of Auckland's physiology courses.
  • Ask questions, share insights, and engage directly with Dr. Bhargava, Ms. Vermeulen, and Dr. Knight during the live Q&A session.


In this session, The University of Auckland's physiology team unveils the intricacies of their Lt-based exercise laboratory lesson. Explore the strategic use of flow heads, mixing chambers, and gas analyzers, replacing traditional Douglas bags. Understand the rationale behind this pedagogical shift and gain a comprehensive understanding of the design and implementation process. This webinar will also explore the practical aspects of using flow heads and mixing chambers in large class settings, providing valuable tips for smooth integration. Additionally, unique insights into student learning opportunities stemming from this innovative approach will be shared.

About the speakers:


Dr. Anuj Bhargava          
Professional teaching fellow and undergraduate advisor
Department of Physiology, University of Auckland.          

Anuj has a background in clinical medicine and teaches physiology to around 800 second and third-year Medical and Bachelor of Science students in large lecture, small group and laboratory settings. Whatever the setting, he has a holistic teaching philosophy which develops students, initially focused on memorization and comprehension, into independent learners who can synthesize, communicate and effectively apply their disciplinary knowledge. He has been quite active in the implementation of Lt use within the University of Auckland teaching space. Anuj also has a role as Outreach and Education lead -Pūtahi Manawa| Healthy Hearts Aotearoa New Zealand- Centre of Research Excellence. 



Ms. Estee Vermeulen      
Senior teaching technician
Department of Physiology, University of Auckland    

Estee completed her undergraduate degree in anatomy and physiology at the University of Otago and completed her postgraduate diploma in forensic science at the University of Auckland. She is currently a Senior Teaching Lab Technician in the physiology teaching lab at the University of Auckland and has been with the university for just over 2 years now. She is from South Africa originally and has lived in New Zealand for the last 13 years. In her free time, Estee enjoys reading, painting, swimming and spending time with her dog. 



Dr. Luis Knight
Professional Teaching Fellow
Department of Physiology, University of Auckland    

Luis is a recent PhD graduate and a passionate biomedical educator and researcher who has been teaching at the University of Auckland using AD Instruments equipment since 2018. Using this equipment, Luis has taught and engaged with both secondary- and tertiary-level students in a variety of disciplines, including Physiology, Medicine, Optometry, and Pharmacy; and during high-school outreach and community engagement events. A dedicated believer in equitable and student-focused education, Luis hopes that the robust and portable systems developed by ADI can help guide the future leaders of Aotearoa New Zealand. 

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