Bigger isn't always better: Introducing the new Human NIBP Nano

We are proud to announce the release of the small, yet perfectly formed, Human NIBP Nano System in partnership with Finapres (FMS) - the industry leader in non-invasive blood pressure measurement.



A major benefit of the new Human NIBP Nano System is its compact size. The Nano System combines all of the previous functionality of the larger FMS desktop controller and wrist unit into a single, lightweight wrist unit - without losing any of the trusted FMS quality and reliability.

The wrist unit provides continuous beat by beat blood pressure measurements which are useful in a wide range of cardiovascular, autonomic and exercise studies.

The main components of the Nano System are:

  • A wrist unit
  • Two finger-cuffs 
  • A Height Correction Unit to compensate for height differences between the finger and the heart

Features include:

  • Dual switching finger cuffs for long-term studies
  • A Height Correction Unit to compensate for subject movement
  • A USB Interface Unit that sends data directly to LabChart for swift and smooth analysis

To complement the Human NIBP Nano System, we offer a free LabChart extension: NICO (Non-Invasive Cardiac Output). This extension implements highly validated, published methods to give you a running, real-time estimate of Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume and Total Peripheral Resistance from the Non-Invasive Blood Pressure signal.

In LabChart, you can immediately view and analyze the raw Finger Pressure data against other parameters including Systolic Blood Pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure, Mean Arterial Pressure, HCU Pressure, and Heart Rate.

Transform your Human NIBP Research
This innovative, compact system is super user-friendly and has the power to transform how you carry out your Human NIBP research by making high-quality data collection simpler and more streamlined, and more comfortable for your subject.

The Human NIBP Nano System is available from mid-February, 2018. Contact us for more information, or to request a quote!


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