Introducing our new Lab Builder!

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Introducing our new Lab Builder!

Lab Builder is designed to help you identify the equipment needed to conduct your research effectively. With the answers to a few simple multiple-choice questions, Lab Builder narrows down your software and hardware needs so that you can focus on the equipment relevant to you. 

This no-obligation tool takes the guesswork out of finding the right equipment for your next experiment.

How to use Lab Builder 

To use Lab Builder, visit the Lab Builder page, select the research area you’re interested in, and answer the multiple-choice questions. Once you’re finished, Lab Builder will present you with a list of recommended products, more information about their use, and the option to contact one of our team members to discuss your needs further.

Walkthrough Video


“This is an incredible tool that I have used to assist customers in finding the right solutions. This tool makes it easier to determine the appropriate equipment combination. Its user-friendly design walks you through the selections with ease, ensuring you receive exactly what you need.” 
- Lesego Vilakazi, Lasec


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