Dive Response Experiments in Antarctica

24 Mar 2005


PowerLab and LabChart were used to demonstrate diving bradycardia to three hundred passengers aboard a Discovery cruise ship that recently visited Antarctica. Passengers observed a woman's heart rate drop from 80 to 50 b.p.m. when she plunged her head into a bowl of icy water.

The demonstration of induced bradycardia formed part of a diving lecture about Antarctic seals by guest lecturer Dr Craig Franklin from the University of Queensland.

Dive Response screen capture

Diving reflex data showing a reflex bradycardia with breath-hold and face immersion. At 0:2:20 seconds the subject took in a big breath, at 0:2:35 the head was put into a bowl of ice cold water, at 0:3:00 the breath was released.

By Matthew Goddard

Science Manager

Researcher, Dad and motorbike racer.