Caving with the PowerLab C

Our PowerLab C Winner Associate Professor Josh Sebree, from the University of Northern Iowa, looks for life in the harshest environments. His search for organisms that can survive in habitats analogous with alien worlds has taken him and his students out of the cleanliness and stability of the lab...

Pacemaker Cells, Electronic Implants, and Climate Change - Five High Impact Publications From June 2024

Join us in celebrating some of the incredible work published by our research community in June 2024.

Teach them a lesson they'll never forget! The Myotatic Reflex...

Teach your students a lesson they'll never forget with the myotatic reflex! Use this free protocol to have your students compare the joint angle and latency of the myotatic reflex under normal conditions and while performing the Jendrassik maneuver.

Introducing our new Lab Builder!

Try out our new Lab Builder! A no-obligation tool designed to help you identify the equipment you need.

Streamline your labs with our updated teaching pharmacology kit

Our updated Teaching Pharmacology Kit has been designed to ensure that you have everything you need for your teaching labs, and nothing you don’t.

Dr Laurencie Brunel: Understanding the impact of mitral valve replacement

Dr Laurencie Brunel, an accomplished veterinary surgeon, is examining the impact of mitral valve replacement on left ventricle function.

Expand your Lab with PowerLab C

Have you been thinking about performing a new study or recording additional signals? Find out how to expand your lab at low cost with PowerLab C.

Effects of constant flow vs. constant pressure perfusion on isolated heart studies

Check out our brief summary highlighting the advantages and limitations of constant flow vs. constant pressure perfusion setups for Langendorff isolated heart studies.

Reprogramming heart cells to treat heart disease

This study used retroviral delivery of transcription factors to convert cardiac fibroblasts into cardiac myocytes, in a mouse model of myocardial infarction.

Dr Melanie White - Modernising the Langendorff

Over the past 200 years the Langendorff has continued to evolve. In this excerpt from her latest Langendorff webinar, Dr Melanie White, an isolated heart expert from the University of Sydney, explores how the system has significantly changed in the time she's been running her lab. Related: Future...

Top 10 Cardiovascular Publications

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate 10 of our favorite cardiovascular publications from the past couple of years; exploring everything from robotics to stem cells to AI to genomics. Every step made here is a step toward not only better heart health, but a greater understanding of the heart itself.

Research Article Competition Winner - Professor Richard Ribchester

ADInstruments Europe is pleased to announce Emeritus Professor Richard Ribchester from the University of Edinburgh as the winner of the 2023 ‘Send Us Your Research Article’ competition.

World Alzheimer's Month: The best exercises to boost blood flow to your brain

Physical exercise has been shown to lower the risk of Alzheimer's and vascular dementia by increasing blood and oxygen flow in the brain. But which exercises work best?