FUN recipient explores behavior-cardiovascular relationship with LabChart

The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Equipment Loan Program (2011) has awarded Dr. Glena Andrews a two-year ADInstruments equipment loan for her proposal entitled "Exploring Cardiovascular Functioning in Students Engaged in Behavior Changes".

Dr. Andrews currently teaches in the psychology faculty of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Cultural Studies
 at Northwest Nazarene University. A clinical psychologist whose training has primarily focused on neuropsychology, Dr. Andrews has been hard at work establishing student courses including Experimental Design, Abnormal Psychology and Biological Foundations of Behavior within the past few years - from a relatively new department at the University.

Linking neuroscience, behavior, spirituality & health

Not content with the status quo, Dr. Andrews had big ideas for launching a research project that involved work with undergraduate students - but was lacking the appropriate recording equipment to use in the classroom. Beginning in February, Dr. Andrews and Dr. Mark Maddix will use the loaned ADInstruments equipment to team teach a course entitled Neuroscience and Spiritual Disciplines. Students in the course will engage in behavioral techniques commonly used by many religious traditions for increasing dedication. The behaviors are also commonly used in psychotherapy for relaxation, managing pain, decreasing anxiety and depression, and overall physical and mental health.

Using PowerLab to monitor meditation

The PowerLab 4/26T and PTK19 Nerve and Muscle Kit II loaned by ADInstruments will allow the class to monitor ECG, finger pulse and heart rate, as well as introducing students from non-scientific disciplines to physiological research equipment. Students will compare their physiological measures over the seven weeks as they engage in meditation, contemplation and other behavioral disciplines.

"Being accepted to receive the FUN grant and receiving the ECG equipment from ADInstruments will enable my students in Physiological Psychology to have experience for the first time using electrophysiological equipment.  We are upgrading the lab on electrophysiological measures from a passive, observer only lab to an active, hands-on lab.  Students will learn to take their ECG measurements with the equipment.  Hopefully this will pique student interest in this type of equipment and research options they can incorporate with their senior research projects. I am very appreciative of this loan of equipment.  It is exciting that my students will have an opportunity to use the equipment rather than just see pictures.  Our first lab is set for February."

Dr. Glena Andrews

About the FUN Equipment Loan

The FUN Equipment Loan Program was established in early 2010 to provide members with much needed hardware and software resources. Preference is given to faculty in the early stages of their career or faculties developing a new area of research. Applications to the program are judged on the scientific merit of the proposed research and use of the equipment as well as evidence that the loan will enhance the faculty member’s long-term research and/or teaching efforts.

The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) has been dedicated to providing support for neuroscience teaching and research for over twenty-five years. Programs like the student travel award program and the equipment loan program (both of these programs are directly supported by ADInstruments) deeply effect the development of the students and faculty at colleges and universities across the nation. The support that ADInstruments provides allows the faculty and students to actively engage in teaching and research using modern techniques and helps to prepare the neuroscientists of the future."

Jeffrey S. Smith, Ph.D.
FUN Equipment Loan Program Coordinator
The Malcolm and Lois Field Endowed Chair in Health Sciences
Saginaw Valley State University

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