Need help moving from LabTutor to Lt? Meet our Customer Success Managers - Dedicated to helping you succeed with Lt...

Transitioning to Lt is easy - especially when you have us helping you along the way.

Meet our Customer Success Managers (or CSMs) - dedicated to helping you succeed with our online learning platform Lt. 

Arianna Boulet (below) is our CSM in the North American region. Here Ari explains how she and our other regional CSMs can help you transition from LabTutor to Lt, as well as some of the perks of being a Lt customer.

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How can we help you?

One of the key things that we do, is to help our customers transition to Lt in an easy, stress-free manner using our on-boarding process.

We normally start by having an in-depth conversation with our customer to get an understanding of their learning objectives and what’s important to them in terms of their teaching. From here we can familiarize the customer with the Lt software - teaching them how to transfer pre-existing content and how to use Lt’s features to create new and engaging course material that meets their desired outcomes. 

We also offer professional services including online and onsite training webinars and courses to show you how to author in Lt. Plus, for those of you who have created your own customized content within LabTutor or another piece software, but don't have the time to transfer it over - our content team is here, ready to help. How to convert a LabTutor lesson into Lt like a pro: a step by step guide and video

Why should you switch from LabTutor to Lt?

Lt is the perfect solution for replacing LabTutor. First of all, Lt comes complete with over 360 ready-to-use lessons - including all the LabTutor content, as well as additional collections such as Anatomy, featuring real dissection videos and histological imagery. This means you don't have to say goodbye to your favorite LabTutor lesson, as it's already in Lt - with a refreshed and modernized look.
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Secondly, the interactivity of Lt far exceeds that found within LabTutor. You can select from 30+ different pannel types including multiple-choice questions, tables & graphs and image annotation to increase student engagement. 

Lastly - with Lt, the authoring is incredibly easy and provides you with the flexibility to customize the lessons the way you want to. Whether that be through the integration of videos and photos or the addition of a hands-on learning component with real-time data acquisition using our teaching hardware kits. The options are endless!

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The benefits of being a Lt Customer

If easy to use software with on-going support wasn't enough to convince you - Lt customers have the added benefit of being part of the Lt Community! A special feature only available to our Lt customers. Here you can connect with other Lt users to share your ideas and questions, as well as keeping up to date with any workshops or conferences that may be relevant to your area of teaching.

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Start the process today...

While LabTutor has been a valuable resource for educators, it is soon going into retirement. So don't be that person who leaves it till the last minute - get the process started and talk to one of us today. 

Meet your local CSM

Liam Farley (ANZ)

I did my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Physiology before joining the ADI team in 2015. What I enjoy most about being a CSM is working with a customer to help them overcome a particular pain point.

I love that Lt does a lot of the heavy lifting for educators, in the sense that it has so much quality content already available.

Arianna Boulet (North America)

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado and graduated in 2011. I love working with such passionate instructors as they truly care about their students. Being able to help such innovative educators makes loving my job a lot easier.

My favorite feature of Lt is how easy it is to author. I think it is important for instructors to be able to customize the content to fit around their course and learning objectives, and Lt makes that very easy for them.

Tom Broughton (Europe)

I graduated in 2008 with a BSc in Chemistry, and joined ADInstruments' Support Team in October 2009, assisting customers in both research and education, but I have focused solely on education support since 2013, including providing support for LabStation and Lt, as well as their associated hardware, and haven't looked back since!

In terms of Lt, I love the intuitiveness (and speed) of the software as well as the ease of authoring - it's a huge time saver for educators.

Gabrielle Leite (South America)

I'm a Biologist graduated from UNESP- Rio Claro and I did my master's degree in Comparative Physiology at UFSCar- São Carlos. I started working at ADInstruments in 2012 as an Application Scientist and since then I have taken on a more supportive role for our customers in Brazil and Latin America.

What I like most about Lt is its authoring tool and how easy it is to use. I love being able to offer educators a quality solution to problems they face every day. 

Hear what some of our current Lt customers have to say....

“Customer support is excellent! They follow up with you until making sure the problem is resolved. Thank you ADInstruments!” - Associate Professor Susy Choy, California Medical Innovations Institute, USA.

"Our CSM is amazing, they reply very promptly (sometimes within minutes) with all the info I need, often it comes with screenshots to help with their explanation" - Heather Kesby, Biological Sciences, University of Leeds, UK.

“With Lt’s ongoing and personalized customer service, we’re always supported to ensure the platform is working for us” - Associate Professor Diane Kenwright, Head of Department, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, University of Otago, Wellington.

“I didn’t know customer service like this existed until I started using Lt” - Bronwen Mayo, Lecturer in Biosciences School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia.

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7 Oct 2019

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