Keep up with the latest trends in Human NIBP

We'd like to announce the arrival of our new Human Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) system!

We’ve worked with Finapres Medical Systems to create a great new system for monitoring blood pressure continuously and non-invasively. Based on the Finapres-1000 module, the Human NIBP system has many features that will make continuous blood pressure recording simpler for you and more comfortable for your human subjects - not least is the ability to program your controller to switch between two finger cuffs at set intervals. This allows you to monitor blood pressure trends over long periods of time without the risk and discomfort of blue finger tips. We think this will be really useful for polysomnography as your subject will not be disturbed as they sleep. This new system is also great for exercise physiology. The light-weight wrist unit comes with a 2.75 meter cable, giving your subject more room to move naturally as you record your data. And movements will not add artifacts to your data, as hydrostatic pressure changes caused by gravity are continually adjusted for by the height correction unit.

The system uses finger arterial pressure to determine hemodynamic parameters and streams systolic, diastolic, mean arterial, heart rate and interbeat interval directly into LabChart - freeing up PowerLab channels for your other signals. You can acquire more data simultaneously and still take advantage of the flexibility and power of LabChart analysis.

Watch the set up video below to see just how easy it is to use! Read more about the system here or contact us with any inquiries.

15 Jul 2014

By Alex Sides

Scientific Writer