Lt Latest March 2022

March was a busy month for our Lt and Content Teams. Lt now integrates with D2L Brightspace! We have also added new settings files to the Data Sampling Panel for Lt Sensors, improved navigation in the platform, and fixed a couple of pesky bugs.

In terms of content, we've significantly reworked the Diving Response Module to align with the current understanding of the field. We've also added new Polish and German content. Let's dive in (pun intended)!

Expanding our LMS integrations

Lt utilizes Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to seamlessly integrate with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and now D2L Brightspace. This means that you can synchronize your student lists between platforms, add deep links to your LMS that lead directly to your Lt content, and send Lt grades back to your LMS gradebook.

A diagram showing the relationship between Lt (circle on left) and the LMSs Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and D2L Brightspace (circle on right). Three lines connect these two circles. The lines say "Sync Students", "Sync Grades", and "Deep Link to Lt".

Lt now integrates with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and D2L Brightspace.

Learn more about Lt's LMS integrations »

New settings files for Lt Sensors available in Lt

You may be aware that you can select premade settings files for Lt Sensors from within the Data Sampling panel in Lt. In March, we added two new files:

  • Blood Pressure
  • ECG and Heart Rate

Now you can choose these settings files from within the panel and start sampling straight away. There's no need to create your own, or upload files from outside Lt.

A .gif showing how a user can select Lt Sensors settings files from within an Lt Data Sampling Panel.

Navigation is easier

If you've logged into Lt recently, you may have noticed that there are now 3 tabs in the home header:

  • Home
  • Content Library
  • Analytics

We've made this change to make the Content Library and Analytics more visible, and to ensure intuitive navigation.

A screenshot of Lt showing the updated navigation header and the three tabs: Home, Content Library, and Analytics.

Note the three tabs in the Navigation header.

Other fixes to streamline your Lt experience

Fast forwarding through video

Previously, skipping forward or backward through video in Lt was only possible for increments of 10% of the video duration. If the video was long, this meant that you might skip forward by 10 minutes.

Now, video fast forward is set to 5-second intervals, meaning you, and your students, can find what you are looking for faster and with more accuracy.

Find out more about Lt Video Panels »

Eliminating a regression bug for Lt panels

If you use Safari 12, you may have experienced issues with a number of panels (blank sampling panels, misbehaving scrollbars, and issues with category label reordering and panel resizing).

In March, our team eliminated these issues, so your Lt experience should be smooth once again.

Sharing feedback with the product team

We've made sure that educators and students can contact us easily and directly through the User Menu.

The User Menu can be found by clicking on your username in the top right of the Lt window. From there, you can select "Lt Feedback".

Select "Lt Feedback" from the User Menu to contact us.

Diving into details with the Diving Response Module

The Diving Response tutorial, pre-lab prep, and lab were updated to reflect the current understanding of the field. Watch a quick video from our Instructional Designer, Caro, to learn more about the changes we have made to the tutorial, including a new page comparing a voluntary breath-hold and the diving response.


Learn more about the Lt Human Physiology Collection » 

New Polish and German Content


We have updated lessons in the Human Physiology and Getting Started with Lt Collections, and added a new Polish Lt Sensor lab, Mięśnie i EMG (Muscle and EMG).


We have also added a new German lab, Blutdruck (Blood Pressure), in the Human Physiology and Lt Sensor Collections. A Getting Started with Lt lesson has also been updated.

Please note that not every update is covered here; refer to the Release Notes for more details.

What else is coming?

We're continuously improving features and performance, and releasing updated content to Lt. To keep you in-the-loop, we’ll be posting updates on our blog each month. 

If you’d like to know about releases as they come out, you can view our Release Notes.

You can send us your thoughts on our content collections directly. You can also check out the Lt Product Roadmap to see what’s on the horizon, including:

  • Improving how you make lessons and modules available to students: We are streamlining the UX of our availability workflow to give you more time to develop your course content. This will involve updates to the Lt scheduling dashboard.
  • Improving how you publish your content: In Q4 (April-June 2022), we will focus on identifying and fixing common errors around lesson publishing that interrupt your workflow and cause confusion. This will create more time for teaching.
  • Removing email from our sign up process.

As always, feel free to contact your CSM with thoughts and questions!


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