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August 31, 2022

New Releases
  • Schedule view
    • We have added a  Publish Badge  in the Schedule tab nav to prompt users to set availability in the Schedule after publishing content 
    • Student Progress bar is now selectable to GET NAMES and EMAILS of students within each progress state for ease of direct communication with your students
  • The label Image panel is now keyboard-accessible
  • All of our Drag and Drop panels are now accessible with the following: 
    • More Styling and annotation options are screen-readable for editing on selected labels
    • Pressing Space/Enter on a label in its location will enter the label to the list
  • Fixed unexpected behavior for our drag and drop panels while using a screen reader by adding screen reader (NVDA) support
  • LMS setup guides with LTI 
    • We have added a link to our LTI Setup Guide to the Admin card
    • Setup translations are now auto-populated in Lt for French, German, and Portuguese, based on user's browser settings for default language
  • LGPD 
    • We have added a biological data acceptance checkbox to our student's Terms of Service agreement in Brazil. Selecting the check box means the Student accepts their institution's policy on biological data handling
  • Student View button and banner have been updated and have also been added to the Schedule and Lesson views.
  • Availability functionality has been removed from the Student Work card, setting availability is selected in the Schedule view
  • LMS integration 
    • We have added a direct link to the LTI setup guide in the Admin card. We officially support the following four systems:
      1. Moodle
      2. Canvas
      3. Brightspace D2L
      4. Blackboard
  • Copy course workflow
    • Copy course workflow improvements:
      • when copying a course [Copy] is now added to the short name of the course for ease of identification
      • Instance admins can now select Course admins from a drop-down list that will show when copying a course so a course admin can be easily selected for the newly copied course
      • Student contact will persist for the copied course
  • Timezone in the Schedule calendar now shows the selected date's time zone correctly e.g., NZST is shown as NZDT
  • Student Pays course activation has been updated to show the correct start date for pods in the  different NA timezones
  • Group Lesson  start modal is now scrollable for large groups
  • Language Select dialog in the lesson environment now has a cancel button and dismisses correctly

August 24 2022


English removed from videos, screenshots, and text panels in the following German labs:

  • Blutdruck – Praktikum v1.3.7 (Humanphysiologie)
  • Blutdruck – Praktikum v1.3.7 (Humanphysiologie Lt Sensoren)
  • Herz und periphere Durchblutung – Praktikum v1.3.5 (Humanphysiologie)
  • Herz und periphere Durchblutung – Praktikum v1.3.5 (Humanphysiologie Lt Sensoren)
  • Muskel und EMG – Praktikum v1.3.5 (Humanphysiologie)
  • Muskel und EMG – Praktikum v1.3.5 (Humanphysiologie Lt Sensoren)

August 9 2022


English +

Population Dynamics – Lab v1.2.2 (Biology)

  • Updated image in “Coverslip placement” popup
  • Updated standard popup videos to show new UI

Blood Counting - Lab v1.2 (Human Phys)

  • Updated IM
  • Updated image of microscope in "Microscope: Glasses" pop up to use ADI's own image.

Lung Volumes - PLP v1.3.2 (Human Phys, PCM)

  • Replaced mechanics of breathing images in background with 1.3 images

Sensory Physiology - Lab v1.3.2 (Human Phys, Neuro, Psychophys)

  • Fixed annotate image on pg 4 to have sufficient whitespace for student answer.
  • Updated eye image in background page to most recent version.
  • Removed old "Back to" button from popup

Stimulated Ileum - PLP v1.3.3 (Pharmacology)

  • Updated all graphs on background page. 

Neural Tissue Histology - Lab v1.1.2 (Anatomy)

  • p.5 hotspot - medulla note - incorrectly said it was white matter (inside part of spinal cord). Fixed to say gray matter.


  • A6.4 Citric acid cycle and ATP production v1.1.1 (UYP)
    • Intro pages changed
    • P.2 Q2 - equations fixed and images improved
    • P. 5 Q 8 and 9 - Incorrect images fixed (H+ changes to 2H+)
    • Mitochondria popup - fixed image of mitochondria
  • A7.2 Membrane channels v1.1.1 (UYP)
    • P.3 Q1 image colors changed to be more color-blind friendly.
  • C6.3 Motility v1.1.1 (UYP)
    • P.4 Q3 - labels were incorrect, have now been fixed.

German +

English removed from videos, screenshots, and text panels in the following lessons/modules:

  • Erste Schritte mit Lt – Abtastung v1.3.3 (Erste Schritte in Lt)
  • Erste Schritte mit Lt Sensoren – Abtastung v1.3.2 (Erste Schritte in Lt)
  • Instanzadministation v1.3.8 (Erste Schritte in Lt)
  • Lt Einführung für Studierende v1.3.6 (Erste Schritte in Lt)
  • Instanzadministration v1.3.8 (Erste Schritte mit Lt)
  • Lt Panel-Typen und -Anwendungen v1.3.4 (Erste Schritte mit Lt)
  • Autonomes Nervensystem – Praktikum v1.3.6 (Humanphysiologie)
  • Autonomes Nervensystem – Praktikum v1.3.5 (Lt Sensoren - Humanphysiologie)

Portuguese +

English removed from videos, screenshots, and text panels in the following lessons/modules. Additionally, a subtitles popup was added to the following Case Studies and Evaluations:

  • Introdução ao Lt – Aluno v1.3.4 (Introdução ao Lt)
  • Introdução ao Lt – Amostragem v1.3.3 (Introdução ao Lt)
  • Introdução ao Lt – Educadores v1.3.4 (Introdução ao Lt)
  • Introdução ao Sensores Lt – Amostragem v1.3.3 (Introdução ao Lt)
  • Efeitos cardiovasculares do exercício v1.3.4 (Fisiologia Humana, Fisiologia do Exercício)
  • Estrutura encefálica e reflexos v1.3.5 (Fisiologia Humana, Medicina Pré-clínica, Neurociência, Sensores Lt)
  • Pressão sanguínea v1.3.4 (Fisiologia Humana, Medicina Pré-clínica, Sensores Lt)
  • Sistema nervoso autônomo v1.3.5 (Fisiologia Humana, Medicina Pré-clínica, Sensores Lt)
    • Enteric nervous system image updated
  • Divisões do SNA: New image of eye muscles on page 6
  • Temperatura corporal v1.3.3 (Fisiologia Humana, Medicina Pré-clínica, Sensores Lt)

French +

New French lesson:

  • Test de Stroop – TP v1.2.7 (Capteur Lt, Neuroscience, Physiologie humaine, Psychophysiologie)

English removed from videos, screenshots, and text panels in the following lessons/modules:

  • Bibliothèque contextuelle v1.0.3 (Commencer à utiliser Lt)
  • Commencer à utiliser Capteur Lt – Enregistrement v1.3.1 (Commencer à utiliser Lt)
  • Commencer à utiliser Lt – Éducateurs v1.3.5 (Commencer à utiliser Lt)
  • Commencer à utiliser Lt – Enregistrement v1.3.3 (Commencer à utiliser Lt)
  • Introduction pour l’étudiant v1.3.6 (Commencer à utiliser Lt)
  • Circulation cardiaque et périphérique – TP v1.3.5 (Capteur Lt, Physiologie humaine)
  • EDR et conditionnement classique – TP v1.3.4 (Neuroscience, Psychophysiologie)
  • Effets cardiovasculaires de l’exercice physique – TP v1.3.4 (Physiologie humaine)
  • Fonction du nerf périphérique – TP v1.3.3 (Neuroscience, Physiologie humaine)
  • Muscle et EMG – TP v1.3.4 (Capteur Lt, Neuroscience, Physiologie humaine, Psychophysiologie)
    • Popups linked to earlier step in the analysis instructions on pages 9, 11 and 13
    • Setup image updated on page 3
  • Pression artérielle – TP v1.3.4 (Capteur Lt, Physiologie humaine)
  • Réflexes et temps de réaction – TP v1.3.7 (Neuroscience, Physiologie humaine, Psychophysiologie), v1.3.8 (Capteur Lt)
  • Réflexes rachidiens – TP v1.3.9 (Capteur Lt, Neuroscience, Physiologie humaine)
  • Réponse à la plongée – TP v1.3.4 (Capteur Lt, Neuroscience, Physiologie humaine, Psychophysiologie)
  • Respiration – TP v1.3.4 (Physiologie humaine)
  • Système nerveux autonome – TP v1.3.7 (Capteur Lt, Neuroscience, Physiologie humaine)

Spanish +

New Spanish lesson:

  • Respiración – Laboratorio v1.3.5 (Fisiología Humana)

English removed from videos, screenshots, and text panels in the following lessons/modules:

  • Primeros pasos con Lt – Muestreo v1.3.3 (Primeros pasos con Lt)
  • Primeros pasos con Lt – Educadores v1.3.3 (Primeros pasos con Lt)
  • Nivel inicial de estudiante de Lt v1.3.5 (Primeros pasos con Lt)
  • Absorción de glucosa v1.3.4 (Fisiología Humana, Medicina Preclínica)
  • Corazón y circulación periférica v1.3.4 (Fisiología Humana, Medicina Preclínica), v1.3.3 (Sensores Lt)
    • Laboratorio: File size of videos reduced on pages 3, 4 and 7
  • Estructura cerebral y los reflejos v1.3.6 (Fisiología Humana, Medicina Preclínica, Neurociencia), v1.3.5 (Sensores Lt)
    • Laboratorio: Value panels added to pages 6 and 9
  • Músculo y EMG v1.3.4 (Fisiología Humana, Medicina Preclínica, Neurociencia, Psicofisiología), v1.3.3 (Sensores Lt)
    • Laboratorio: Popups linked to earlier step in the analysis instructions on pages 9, 11 and 13
  • Presión arterial v1.3.5 (Fisiología Humana, Medicina Preclínica), v1.3.4 (Sensores Lt)
  • Sistema nervioso autónomo v1.3.4 (Fisiología Humana, Medicina Preclínica, Neurociencia), v1.3.3 (Sensores Lt)
    • Trastornos de SNA: New image of eye muscles on page 6
  • Temperatura corporal v1.3.3 (Fisiología Humana, Medicina Preclínica), v1.3.2 (Sensores Lt)


July 31, 2022

New releases
  • The Schedule view is now available to all staff including authors and graders, with relevant permissions 
  • The Grading environment can now be accessed from the Schedule view 
  • 'Grade Lesson' and 'Grade Section' has been added to the lesson menu in the Schedule view
  • The grading progress dialog modal appears if a lesson is committed and grading is selected immediately after but students are still being processed
  • We have updated wording in the Edit Roles card to include setting the availability of content 
  • Staff Role Information in the Invite Staff card and Staff Account card cards now show the permissions for the selected role
  • Localization
    • Buttons and dialog for a student submitting a lesson report via email are now translated.
    • The comment box now fits all buttons with any translations
  • The Grading view has been updated:
    • New revision selector to allow graders to switch between revisions 
    • Added data visualization donut to show total grading progress across all revisions
  • Student Pays course dates are now shown in the instance time zone
    • The issue was occurring just when you were in a different time zone from the instance one (e.g. You are setting up a course in an instance in the US from New Zealand)
  • Accessibility
    • The lesson menu in the Schedule view is now keyboard accessible

June 30, 2022

New Releases
  • Language selection for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese or English is now available for the lesson environment, under the account drop-down menu. Selecting a language reloads the lesson environment with all titles, messages and tooltips translated
  • The Lesson Menu is now available on all published items in the Schedule View. From here users can:
    • Unpublish modules and (stand-alone) lessons 
    • Commit and uncommit lessons and sections 
    • Reset progress for all students in lessons and sections
  • Student progress bar data visualization has been added for each lesson/section that displays how many students have not started, are in progress, have committed and have been granted extensions
  • Student Pays
    • the schedule view shows course dates and is read-only when the course isn't activated.
    • If the course start date is set to a future date ('pending'), setting the availability of the content is allowed.
    • Limit selectable availability dates to Student Pays course dates in the Schedule view
  • Decimal places UI for the spreadsheet panel has been updated to the symbols to + / - for ease of setting
  • Copy Course now retains the course grouping when copying a course
  • Corrected the availability message in the published module card to match the schedule interface in regard to what content was available to all students
  • Reduced padding for fields and font in the Course Grouping option in the admin cards
  • Removed redundant link to Content Library in empty lesson lists for LabStation instances
  • Updated placeholder text for Course Name input fields from kuraCloud to Lt 
  • Improve performance of (rare) full pod sync, which will no longer timeout and restart repeatedly
    • On at least one occasion in the last year, this problem delayed pack changes made in Instance Portal from applying for some hours
  • Time Picker
    • Fix the Adelaide timezone issue where setting availability in the schedule view did not persist
    • Also includes fix for exceptions being thrown when using the keyboard to select an invalid date in the Change Start Date dialog of Student Pays courses

May 31, 2022

New Releases
  • Our Schedule interface is now available as a beta to all customers
    • Use the toggle control to easily  turn on/off lesson availability for lessons and sections 
    • Includes check boxes to set bulk or bepsoke availability across all modules and lessons
    • Availability messaging for states of lessons in the schedule interface, showing how many sections your content is available to  
    •  Mobile View - This adapts the new beta schedule view for small screen devices 
      • Add new tab navigation to make schedule view available on mobile devices
  • Copy course feature now publishes content after it has been copied. (i.e., if a lesson or module was published in the original course, it will be published in the new course)
  • Published content can now be viewed in our new Schedule interface
  • Student Pays courses can now be committed and graded after the course has finished and been archived
  • The Auto Scale button label has been replaced with an icon and tooltip to explain how it works
  • Safari Fix where downloads from the button panel failed to start in Safari.
    • also fixed file downloads in Safari
  • Fixed the problem that a user can not create a course when the user is a student in a course and has been invited to the same instance as a course admin
  • Fixed Label Image, where answer locations were reverted to minimum size
  • Access denied fix for users moving between student access in one course to staff access in another

May release - New community translated content


New Spanish Content +

New Farmacología (pharmacology) collection 

  • Resistencia de las vías aéreas (Resistencia de las vías respiratorias)
  • Biventer Cervicis de Pollo
  • Aurícula de mamíferos
  • Diafragma de mamífero
  • Corazón de Mamífero
  • Yeyuno de mamífero
  • Útero de mamífero
  • íleon estimulado
  • Conducto deferente estimulado de rata

Additional Fisiología Humana (human physiology) lessons

  • Reflejos y tiempos de reacción
  • Respuesta de Buceo
  • Respuesta Electrodermal (EDR)
  • Prueba de Aptitud Anaeróbica

New Portuguese Content +

New Farmacologia (pharmacology) collection

  • Átrios de Mamíferos
  • Biventer Cervicis de Aves
  • Canal Deferente de rato estimulado
  • Canal Deferente de rato não estimulado
  • Coração de Mamífero
  • Diafragma de Mamífero
  • Íleo Estimulado
  • Íleo não estimulado
  • Jejuno de Mamífero
  • Músculo Liso Vascular
  • Resistência das Vias Aéreas
  • Resistência Vascular
  • Reto do Abdome do sapo
  • Útero de Mamífero

New Habilidades Clínicas (clincal skills) collection

  • Administração de Medicamentos I, II
  • Apoio à Eliminação
  • Avaliação Periférica
  • Campos Estéreis
  • Comunicação terapêutica
  • Ferramentas de avaliação
  • Fluido e Nutrição
  • Higiene e cuidados pessoais
  • Histórico de Saúde e Pesquisa Geral
  • Instrução em Saúde
  • Medidas clínicas I,II
  • Oxigenoterapia
  • Promoção da Saúde e Enfermagem Comunitária
  • Promoção do Conforto
  • Segurança
  • Sinais vitais

29 April 2022


New Biology Labs +

  • CRISPR – Lab v1.0
  • ELISA: Giant Panda Problem – Lab v1.0
  • Forensic DNA Fingerprinting – Lab v1.0
  • Introduction to Molecular Evoluation – Lab v1.0
  • Modeling Population Dynamics – Lab v1.0
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) – Lab v1.0

Updated Biology Labs +

  • Bacterial Transformation v1.1.1
    • Improvements added from Bio-Rad's feedback.
  • Exploring the Greenhouse Effect v1.0.1
    • Removed mention of unused Surface Temperature Probe.
  • Macromolecules: Proteins v1.0.1
    • Improvements added from Bio-Rad's feedback.

Neuroscience and Animal Physiology +

  • Cockroach Sensory Nerve – Lab v1.2.7
    • All analysis pages: Turned on CAP Amplitude (Filtered) channel readout in data panel and updated instructions for locating baseline. 
    • P11: Moved TYU question to associated analysis page
    • P12: Greatly simplified data analysis - removed bins and histogram. Now just looking at the average interspike interval and firing frequency at start and end of one recording.
    • IM: Updated Settings Files to new table style

Exercise physiology +

  • Energy metabolism v1.3.1
    • Added feedback to question on page 2
  • Aerobic Fitness Testing v1.3.7
    • Altered challenge question on page 10 and added feedback
  • Aerobic Fitness Testing Distance Learning v1.3.7 
    • Altered challenge question on page 10 and added feedback



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