Creating Lt Video Panels

Videos are a fun and engaging way to convey information in your lessons, and they are easy to add.

The Video Panel can be found by selecting PANELS from the footer, and then selecting Multimedia:

Drag and drop the Video panel icon to wherever you like on the page. Just like any other panel, a blue line will indicate where your panel will line up. You can easily rearrange panels if you’re not happy with the layout.

Adding videos

Videos can also be dragged and dropped onto video panels, or you can select Edit, then Add Video from the footer. Currently, videos need to be in a specific format (H.264 with streaming support) to be compatible with Lt. Learn how to produce videos for Lt.

After adding a video to a Video panel, the panel will look like this:

Adding a poster image

You can drag and drop a "poster image" (the static picture that is shown until the video is played) into your Video panel, or select Add Poster to browse through images on your device. Select Change Poster to change the poster image. You can also add a caption below your image, or select the Loop checkbox to loop your image. The poster image should have the same dimensions as the panel.

This is how a Video panel looks with a poster image added:

Learn how to add a poster image or add closed captions to your videos.