Michael J. Brody Young Investigator Award winner: Dr. Jacqueline Limberg

This year the winner of the Michael J. Brody Young Investigator award is Dr. Jacqueline Limberg for her work on the control of blood pressure during hypoglycemia. Congratulations from all of us at ADInstruments! 

Sponsored by ADInstruments and awarded by the APS Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section (NCAR), this award recognizes the achievements of a promising, early-career scientist who has made a significant contribution to the understanding of neural control and autonomic regulation.

Dr. Limberg is a research fellow in the field of Human Integrative Physiology at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Her research includes investigations into the mechanism of conditions that affect the quality of life of a growing number of people in the US and globally, such as diabetes, obesity and sleep apnoea. Based in the lab of Dr. Michael Joyner, she has focused on understanding sympathetic nervous activity in human disease states, and how changes in this activity affect cardiovascular and respiratory health. You can read more about Dr. Limberg's research or the NCAR awards that will be presented at EB. We’re looking forward to presenting the award to Dr. Limberg at the award ceremony in Boston and wish her all the best for her research career!